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Razor Unveils Fully Modular PC Prototype

Already a well respected gaming hardware producer, Razor is looking to make PC gaming accessible to the more casual gamer with Project Christine.

Moving away from the boxy “tower” design of traditional gaming PCs, Project Christine is essentially a sleek looking rack of empty bays. These bays can be filled with modular components simply by sliding them in, ranging from GPU, CPU, RAM and any other computer component.

It offers the power and customization of a gaming rig but without the complicated cords and chips that often present a difficulty barrier to entry to less hardcore gaming fans.

The unveiled product is still a prototype, and CEO Min-Liang Tan plans to “throw it out to gamers and see if people like it.” If results are promising, Razor would being planning to make Project Christine a mainstream reality.

You can look over the Project Christine and its features at Razor’s announcement page here.