Cloud Tech

NSA Shifts Cloud Market In Security Companies’ Favor

The uproar over the NSA’s PRISM program is starting to die down as online forum fighters find new topics to rant about, but all of that might change as NSA’s MUSCULAR program starts to hit the mainstream spotlight. This second round of exposures could carry implications for the cloud industry, with analysts speculating a $22 billion to $35 billion loss from the PRISM announcements.

However, a particular branch of the cloud world is not only making it through unscathed but raking in a hefty profit.

Pravin Kothari is the founder and CEO of CipherCloud, a company that provides security for cloud-based information. When news about the NSA broke earlier in June, the requests for CipherCloud’s services came pouring in.

“If you ask any security enterprise customer what the major issues are with the cloud, they will tell you undoubtedly the two are loss of control of the data and lack of visibility,” says Kothari. CipherCloud’s primary mission is to give customers full understanding of where their data goes in the cloud, because only with full understanding of something can you be comfortable using it.As the public NSA outcry continues to grow, the importance of data security is coming into the spotlight and cloud customers are responding. Companies like CipherCloud seem well positioned to take advantage of digital privacy being a hot-button topic for months to come.


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