Cloud Tech

Cloud Software Closes Gap Between Small Businesses and Corporations

Though cloud technology usage is a given for Fortune 500 companies, it is only fairly recently that is has become accessible to your average small business. Entrepreneurs such as Aron Schwarzkopf are creating products that make it possible for mom-and-pop shops to operate many cloud based functions on one single tablet.

Scharzkopf is the founder of online platform Leaf, enables its users to streamline general business accounting chores by streamlining management of income and costs, inventory, customer satisfaction and many other aspects of running a business. Leaf attempts to bring all of these functions and centralize them into one product.

Scharzkopf stated in an interview that “There are 8.5 million brick-and-mortar merchants and less than 1% use the cloud…” Whether this is due to cost or accessibility is unclear, but Leaf seems to be attempting to mitigate both challenges, with aggregated services costing $50/month and a onetime tablet purchase of $250.


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