Kapost Releases List of Content Marketing Winners, Docusign Ranks at #1 recently released a list of the top 50 companies with the best marketing strategies, specifically content marketing. Kapost posted their definition of content marketing as “the creation/sharing of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumers, in an attempt to create an association of the brand as a thought leader and/or industry expert in the content arena.”

They were also kind enough to release a full breakdown of their methodology, which included factors like total traffic and blog post frequency down to the more manageable data points of number of Twitter and LinkedIn followers. Some degree of the scoring was based on qualitative “wow” factor of the content material, and Kapost acknowledges that this is “not a perfect science” but the list is an interesting read regardless.

The list is an interesting mix of household names and lucrative tech start-ups. Ranking at number one is the tech start-up Docusign, which makes up for its relative youth by offering a plethora of content specifically targeted for their users. The company hosts webinars, events, studies and videos aimed at specific buyer demographics while operating on a user-friendly freemium model. The effort seems to have paid off, with Docusign reporting 13 million users and growing in 2012.

The majority of the top ten feature major tech companies with similar strategies, such as LinkedIn and IBM. However The Big Stage at #6, the consumer front for the New York Stock Exchange, beat out a surprising amount of the competition by effectively delivering recent and relevant news to its users while employing an easy-to-use design and good narrative into its news.

Featured right behind the Big Stage at #5 is Red Bull, which should come as little surprise given how newsworthy their sponsored causes are. The recent sponsorship of Felix Baumgartner’ stratosphere dive and their regular New Year celebration stunts via New Year No Limits are some of the more publicized examples. Red Bull also has an established media background that publishes magazines, TV shows and films regularly. Red Bull has created a brand image that closely matches their popular energy drink.


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