Video Streaming Accounts For Roughly 50% of Internet Traffic

Broadband service company Sandvine released a traffic report for North America, reporting that Netflix accounts for the most downstream traffic in North America at about 31%. Youtube is a distant second at around 18%. Together the two video streaming giants come out to roughly 50% of all downloaded traffic.

In comparison, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video were both somewhere between 1% and 2%. Though raw data figures are not a conclusive measure of success (subscriptions counts are another big factor), the huge gaps between Netflix and its competitors are telling. Amazon is about to release their homegrown series “Alpha House” in competition with Netflix shows like “House of Cards”. Whether or not that will make a difference in traffic or subscription rates is up to speculation.

At the same time, peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing services such as Bittorrent have dropped considerably-under 10% of total internet traffic. Sandvine CEO Dave Caputo seems to believe that this is due to the “on-demand” nature of streaming services offering a better experience up front than an “experience later” downloads such as P2P. If his theories prove correct, we could see a continued trend of growth for streaming services as direct downloads and P2P of media decrease.


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