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Dreamforce 2013 Offers Greater Focus on Entrepreneurship this Year

Dreamforce 2013 is steadily approaching with dates set from November 18-21 . The annual conference is put on by Salesforce, a multibillion dollar company that specializes in cloud computing and Software as a service (SaaS) technology. Dreamforce 2011 reported over 31,000 attendees, making it one of the largest business conferences. Unsurprisingly, it is a hotbed of new business information and seminars on how to best to keep up on business technology’s rapidly moving edge.

Several major figures will appear as keynote speakers, including Marc Benioff, the chairman and CEO of the hosting company, and Marissa Meyer, CEO and President of Yahoo!.

Representatives from many companies, including several major figures in the cloud computing industry, are attending to play a role as well, either as vendors or as presenters at smaller events.

Dreamforce organizers report that they plan to put a particular focus on digital entrepreneurship this year by bringing in some of the big names in cloud technology startups to talk about their experiences. One familiar face is Drew Houston, founder of the celebrated cloud company Dropbox. Dropbox has become a household name in the business tech world, and Houston will be participating in the Founders Forum which offers advice on how to grow your business.

Also in attendance at Founders Forum will be David Barrett, founder of Expensify. Though a smaller brand than Dropbox, Expensify’s focus on small business users has expanded its popularity significantly as business technology becomes more mainstream. It has been featured on the Wall Street Journal this year.

Docusign, represented by manager Mike Borozdin, will be attending as well with a vendor booth and also taking part in two theater sessions and one mini-hackathon. Docusign was and still is one of the most rapidly growing cloud technology companies in 2013, as more businesses attempt to take their operations further and further into the cloud.


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