Slovakian Engineer Develops Functional Flying Car

Slovakian engineer Stefan Klein has invented a staple of the science fiction fantasy: a true flying car. The sleek looking vehicle functions as a two-seater car on the road, but a pair of foldable wings allows the car to take flight with sufficient speed.

Dubbed the Aeromobil, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 99 mph on the road and a full tank of fuel will take it 310 miles on the ground or 430 miles in the air. When not in use, the wings fold backwards to form the rear half of the cars profile and the rear propeller disengages.

Klein reports that this has been a project of his for nearly twenty years, and he stated the possibility of a production ready version soon in the future. Though there has yet to be a flying car project that has succeeded on the road or in the air, this one certainly looks fairly close.

You can see images of the Aeromobil in action here.


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