US Army Commissions High-Tech Battlesuit

The US Army has announced the development of a high-tech infantry suit named the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) that promises “superhuman strength with greater ballistic protection”. The suit offers many features normally reserved for science fiction, including full 360 degree night vision cameras, an integrated computer providing a display to the user and sensors in the suit that track the wearer’s vitals and automatically applies medical foam to heal wounds.

The crowning feature is the use of magnetorheogical (MR) fluids as the armor. The so called “liquid” armor is able to transform from light, easy to carry liquid to rigid, bullet-stopping solid in milliseconds with the application of an electrical current or magnetic field. The armor is also planned to have frames built in that can receive        a hydraulic exoskeleton that can greatly boost strength and speed, at the cost of needing to power the suit.

The TALOS suit is sadly not available for consumer consumption and is being commissioned for US Army special forces operators. The suits are expected to finish development next year at the earliest, with battlefield ready models not ready for at least another two years.


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